The Benefits of Hiring an Airport Chauffeur

Airport Chauffeur

Start your journey early with a luxurious and comforting private chauffeur.

For many people, travelling to and from the airport can be a stressful experience. From squeezing in all of your luggage, to dealing with family and friends in the car, to navigating through traffic, and paying a large amount to use the parking lot. You should be starting your holiday off the second you leave home, stress-free. Hiring an airport chauffeur can help alleviate these worries and provide a smooth and comfortable travel experience that is customisable to your needs.

Here are some benefits Midlands Chauffeurs offer:

Meet & Greet

Midlands Chauffuers offer a complimentary Meet & Greet service to all clients arriving to UK airports to ensure you get a warm welcome back from your travels. Your chauffeur will await you inside the terminal at a designated point whilst holding a personal or company branded board. We include a 60-minute free of charge waiting period to allow you to clear security and collect your luggage. Our team of professionals use flight tracking technology to track when your flight will land in the country, making the process smooth and efficient, even if your flight is ahead of schedule.

Stay Connected

Travelling to the airport and flying across the world can be draining on your devices and yourself. Thats why all of our Chauffeurs are equipped with device chargers and complimentary Wi-Fi so your mobile data doesn’t get drained, and refreshments to help keep you hydrated on your holiday.

Customisable Vehicle Classes

Whether you’re travelling to the airport for Business purposes, or with your family & friends going away for a well deserved getaway, Midlands Chauffeurs has got you covered with our 4 luxurious vehicle classes.

  • Business Class – Also known as the BMW 5 Series, is our smallest vehicle and is perfect to getting to and from location quick.
  • Estate Class – This too is a BMW 5 Series but offers the perfect blend of comfort and speed.
  • First Class – The BMW 7 Series, if sophisticated comfort and superior luxury is what you wanted on the way to the airport, this car is for you.
  • XL Class – Bringing the bigger parties together is our Mercedes Benz V Class, perfect if you have a lot of luggage as there is more space than our other classes so you don’t have to worry about fitting your loved ones, or your luggage, into your plans.

Time Management

Time is of the essence when travelling to the airport, as you have to plan the route, traffic and parking, alongside handling all of your luggage, boarding passes and party members. With a private chauffeur most of these stresses get lifted off your shoulders, especially when you use our professional drivers who are trained to multi-task efficiently so you can get to your flight on time, no delays.

If you are interested in booking one of Midland Chauffeurs’ luxurious vehicle classes for your travels, check out our vehicle classes on the airport transport page and book using the online booking system.


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